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Unlocking a more resilient and sustainable future

Sustainability is a driving force in our business. It's an attitude and a mindset that shapes our decisions and actions every day.

Our rapidly growing world faces ever more complex and urgent challenges, from the accelerating pace of climate change and the loss of natural resources and biodiversity to the intense pressure on our food supplies and energy systems. But there is a way forward. A way to power and feed our world that’s less damaging and destabilizing.

By investing in, scaling, and developing practical, low carbon solutions, we’re unlocking opportunities to decarbonize food, fuel, and feedstock, revolutionizing energy-intensive industries and powering a cleaner future sooner.

Playing our part in solving the world’s biggest challenges

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How we’re unlocking change

At OCI Global, we take a practical approach, focusing on solutions that make an impact today and help create a sustainable world tomorrow.

Sustainable agriculture

We are finding ways to feed our growing world sustainably:

Lower carbon nitrogen fertilizers and agriculture solutions
Sustainable practices, education and support for farmers

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Our practical decarbonization strategy focuses on measurable GHG emissions reduction through:

Increased use of renewable energy and sustainable sources, such as solar, wind, food and industrial waste
Operational excellence in energy efficiency, asset reliability, and safety
Low carbon growth initiatives including carbon capture and sequestration

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Cleaner fuels

We are powering cleaner transport through:

Cleaner Fuels
Low carbon and renewable products and solutions that support our manufacturing and industrial customers to decarbonize their value chains

Read more about our cleaner fuels.

Cleaner products

We are helping industrial and manufacturing customers decarbonize by:

Cleaner Products
Low carbon and renewable products and solutions that support our manufacturing and industrial customers to decarbonize their value chains.

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Our impact framework

Our materials topics guide our strategic priorities targets, and reporting so that we focus our resources and efforts to achieve the greatest impact.

Level 1

Strategically important

Level 2

Materially important

Level 1

Strategically important

Level 2

Materially important

Our targets and commitments

Scope 1 and 2 reduction

in Greenhouse gas(GHG) intensity by 2030 (based on 2019 baseline)

On Track

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

On Track
of purchased electricity is from renewable sources by 2030
On Track
freshwater consumption

in our water stressed sites by 2023

female senior

leadership by 2025

On Track

Zero injuries at all facilities

Above average

Compliant with CSRD requirements

On Track

Implementation of our Compliance Framework globally

On Track
OCI decarbonize

We can decarbonize the industries that create approximately 90% of today’s global greenhouse gas emissions across our end markets of food, fuel, and feedstock

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Revolutionizing energy intensive industries

As we decarbonize we’re providing game-changing, practical solutions for our customers.

Clean fuels for shipping

We’re powering the decarbonization of shipping with methanol and ammonia produced from renewable and circular feedstocks. With the maritime industry navigating increased regulation to accelerate decarbonization such as the latest updates to FuelEU Maritime initiative, global demand for green methanol is expected to increase at 4 million tons per year in the next five years.

We’re leading the way in pioneering new green methanol products and technologies, including fueling the first ever green methanol powered container vessel, and developing Europe’s first duel-fuelled green methanol bunker barge.


We are committed to working towards global food security.

We work with our customers around the world to maximize yields, strengthen crops, prevent soil degradation, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and accelerate growth to meet the world’s rising food demands. We also work to ensure our products are used in a way that safeguards health, occupational and public safety and security, biodiversity, and the environment.

Road transport

As a global producer and distributor of methanol solutions, we play an essential role in reducing road emissions through lower carbon alternative fuels and emissions reduction additives such as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

When used as a fuel, green methanol provides a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus petrol or diesel, which means it is an excellent hydrogen fuel to meet renewable fuel standards.

Diesel exhaust fluid, also known as AdBlue, is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to lower harmful vehicle exhaust emissions from diesel engines, with the added advantage of improving vehicle fuel economy by approximately 5% and using diesel fuel more efficiently.


Our products sit at the beginning of a variety of value chains, from textiles, to plastics, healthcare, cosmetics, electronics, construction, wood treatment, and the automotive industry.

As we decarbonize, we can also reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and those of their end-products.

Driving forward a new era in energy

We’re uniquely placed to realize the energy transition by developing ammonia and methanol as the fuels and feedstocks of the future.

Building capacity

We’re scaling and building more low carbon production capacity across our strategic locations globally, and future-proofing the infrastructure necessary to distribute the fuels and feedstocks of the future.

We’re supplying low carbon products for agriculture, manufacturing and transport today, paving the way for intensive industries to change with us.

Product stewardship and practices

By decarbonizing our own operations and scaling low carbon technologies fast, we’re providing the solutions of the future for the markets of today, with cleaner, safer, and more effective nitrogen fertilizers, and low carbon methanol and ammonia fuels and feedstocks that reduce emissions across value chains all the way to the end consumer.

Scaling sustainable innovation and technologies

As an early mover OCI is leading the way, investing in and scaling multiple innovative technologies and pathways at speed to develop the next generation of low carbon products and solutions for our customers, and accelerate the clean energy transition.

Influencing change

We’re working with strategic partners, suppliers, governments, and customers to create the conditions needed for change.

Whether that’s ensuring regulatory systems are established that value and enable green investment, or driving forward an innovation ecosystem where industries are collaborating, we’re working together to power a cleaner future sooner.

Annual report

Read more about our sustainability commitments and progress so far in our 2023 annual report.


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