Water Stewardship

As water is an essential but finite resource, we each have a role to play in protecting our global water supplies.

We are committed to zero freshwater consumption in our water-stressed sites by 2023 and are proud to have achieved this goal in October 2022. We will continue to work diligently to maximize our water efficiency and are focused on reducing our water use wherever possible at all our sites.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs

  • Understand and mitigate our water risks and impacts by focusing first on our sites in water-stressed areas
  • Maximize water efficiency in our operations
  • Work towards water stewardship in our value chain, from our operations to our products
  • Ensure safe discharge of water
  • Ensure WASH access to all our employees and contractors

Our water management approach


Water is sourced from seawater, municipal sources, wells, and surface water.


Water is used in the production process in several ways, such as cooling water, as steam, or as a raw material for our downstream products.

Water is circulated and re-used many times throughout our production cycles.


Following several cycles through our plants, water is recycled by neighbouring plants where interconnections exist or is safely released as unpolluted water vapour.


Water is treated at water treatment facilities to ensure it is safe and clean.


Water is safely discharged as per local regulations, or further recycled as irrigation water.

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