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With locations around the globe there are so many career-defining opportunities at OCI. We bring together a community of the brightest professionals working across multiple fields and disciplines, applying their knowledge and expertise to drive change and create a more secure and sustainable future for us all.

Join us and be part of a growing global community.

Every one of our locations is unique and has strong ties to the local community.

Want to learn more about our different locations? Check them out below.


Amsterdam, the vibrant Dutch capital, enchants with its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and a lively cultural scene. Bicycles, tulips, museums, and coffee shops define its unique charm. Rich history meets modern flair in this eclectic city.

Des Moines

Des Moines, Iowa's capital, blends urban vibrance with Midwestern charm. Culture, parks, and cuisine thrive, creating a dynamic, inviting community.


London, a bustling metropolis, marries tradition and modernity. Iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and rich history make it an unparalleled global city.

Powering a cleaner future sooner

In today's dynamic landscape, methanol, hydrogen, and nitrogen products are revolutionizing energy, transportation, and agriculture. These sustainable solutions are driving innovation, reducing emissions, and shaping a cleaner, more efficient future. Explore how these versatile elements are powering industries and propelling us towards a greener tomorrow. Join us in this exciting journey of transformation and be a part of the change!
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