Powering a cleaner future
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Powering a cleaner future

As a game-changing leader in low carbon solutions we're decarbonizing the energy-intensive industries that shape, feed and fuel our world.

A global producer and distributor of hydrogen and nitrogen based products, we’re providing low carbon industrial feedstock and transport solutions to customers around the world.

A base feedstock for hundreds of end-market products from plastics to textiles, healthcare to electronics, as well as an ideal fuel for power generation, ammonia is one of the world’s most essential and extensively used industrial chemicals.

Through our cleaner solutions we’re supporting industries to decarbonize across their value chains and reduce their emissions, driving forward a new era of energy.

As we decarbonise our operations, we are also reducing our customers carbon footprint and those of their end products.

Ammonia production inputs

Renewable Energy
Waste Digestion
Natural Gas

Downstream productions

Carbon capture utilisation & storage
Energy efficency and reliability
Renewable energy for utilities

End customers

Hundreds of products across Cosmetics, Textiles, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics and more...

Our capabilities

tons gross ammonia capacity
No. 2
DEF producer and distributor in USA
Leading global ammonia distribution network

An unrivalled global footprint

Strategically positioned with unrivaled global capabilities and assets, we have the infrastructure and network to deliver high-quality solutions reliably, at speed and scale.

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