Fertilizers are essential in feeding the world

As economic pressures mount and our world grows, food supplies are under threat. Fertilizer plays a critical role in ensuring global demand is met today and in the future.

Farmers need to strengthen crop productivity and maximize returns by harnessing and optimizing fertilizers. Quality is key. Good fertilizers are uniform in size and smoothness, making them easy to spread and apply precisely. Containing only pure nutrients, they’re free of pollutants and additives.

But it’s not enough to just increase yields, today’s fertilizers must also be less harmful on the environment.

As a world leading producer and distributor of nitrogen-based fertilizers we’re investing-in and developing innovative and practical products and solutions that combine productivity and
sustainability, driving change today and unlocking a more secure and resilient future tomorrow.

How do we produce fertilizer?

Why Nitrogen?

Natural gas is used in a modern facility to create nitrogen fertilizer. Natural gas, primarily methane, is improved by combining it with nitrogen from the air to produce nitrogen fertilizer throughout multiple transformation phases. 20% of the gas is utilized to heat the process and generate energy, and the remaining 80% is used as a feedstock for fertilizer.

Different fertilizer types are produced based on the primary end products, ammonium nitrate, and urea, by combining with components like phosphorus and potassium to generate NPKs and dolomite to create CAN (Nutramon), or urea and ammonium nitrate solution to create UAN.

Agronomy: why nitrogen is so important for crop production?

Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient for plant function and is part of every living cell. It is one of the most important nutrients for crop production and is directly responsible for growth and quality.

Where does nitrogen come from?

Where does nitrogen come from?

Almost 80% of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen gas, but it’s not fit for consumption by plants.

Why does a plant need nitrogen?

Why does a plant need nitrogen?

Nitrogen is extremely important for plant growth and photosynthesis, and is particularly crucial for agricultural crops.

Fertilizer spreader

Fertilizer spreader settings

We supply our fertilizers to spreader manufacturers to acheive the optimum spreader settings for our products.

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