Fueling a cleaner future
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Fueling a cleaner future

As a game-changing global leader in methanol solutions, we’re playing an essential role in driving forward the energy transition and powering cleaner industries today.

As a global producer and distributor of methanol, we’re providing critical solutions for the energy challenges of today and fueling a cleaner future tomorrow.

A highly efficient clean fuel and hydrogen carrier, methanol is a versatile and effective product to move away from carbon-intensive energy sources and take big leaps toward the world’s environmental goals.

Together, we are realizing a cleaner future sooner.

Pioneering sustainable solutions

At OCI, we’re developing market leading methanol products and solutions for our customers to solve some of the world’s biggest energy and environmental challenges.

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Driving the energy transition

With heavy-duty, vehicle, and marine transport sectors contributing significantly to global warming, OCI HyFuels can drive the transition to more sustainable fuels and energy storage sources, enabling industries to reduce their global greenhouse gas emissions and meet their environmental targets.

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Decarbonizing industry

A critical manufacturing building block, low-carbon and green methanol can effectively decarbonize traditionally hard-to-abate sectors by significantly reducing the carbon footprint and emissions across a range of key value chains to power cleaner industries.

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Today, transitioning to low carbon and green methanol in these sectors can abate approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuels: 10% of global GHG emissions Fuels: 10% of global GHG emissions
Feedstocks and energy carriers: 30% of global GHG emissions Feedstocks and energy carriers: 30% of global GHG emissions

Pioneering renewable and low-carbon fuel alternatives for marine, heavy transport, power, and industrial sectors, supporting customers to decarbonize and meet evolving regulatory requirements.

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Our capabilities

No. 5
Methanol producer globally
No. 1
Green methanol producer globally
No. 2
Methanol producer in the US

An unrivalled global footprint

Strategically positioned with unrivalled global capabilities and assets capable of producing over 3 million metric tons, we have the infrastructure and network to deliver high-quality products and solutions reliably, at speed and scale.

The first commercial platform to provide customers with low-carbon hydrogen-based fuel products and the world’s largest producer of green methanol, OCI HyFuels is a pioneering leader, producing the renewable and low-carbon fuel alternatives that industry needs to meet evolving regulatory requirements.

We're the only methanol producer with production plants in the US and Europe, and we are the largest global green methanol producer.

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