Feeding the future
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Feeding the future

As a game-changing leader in nitrogen solutions, we’re playing an essential role in supporting global food security and powering a cleaner way forward for our customers.

As a leading producer and distributor of nitrogen fertilizers, crop nutrition products, and other nitrogen solutions, we’re providing critical solutions for the food, farming, and emissions challenges of today and unlocking a more sustainable world tomorrow.

Through our low-carbon products and sustainable agriculture practices we’re supporting our customers around the world to maximize their crop yields and minimize their environmental impact. Together, we’re making our products greener and harvests better, accelerating towards a cleaner future.

Sustaining our growing world

As our world rapidly grows, we’re providing practical solutions to solve some of the world’s biggest agricultural challenges.

Protecting natural ecosystems

Accelerating global warming and intensive farming are placing our natural ecosystems under urgent threat. The agriculture industry must be supported to grow crops productively and sustainably, with less harmful effects on the environment.

Supporting Food security

Global food supplies are under intense threat from rapidly growing populations, disrupted
supply chains and climate change. The world relies on nitrogen fertilizers to grow crops and feed 4 billion people, making up half the world’s population.

Today, mineral-based fertilizers account for 50% of global food production

In 1960, two people were fed from one hectar of land In 1960, two people were fed from one hectar of land
In 2025, five people will need to be fed from one hectar of land In 2025, five people will need to be fed from one hectar of land

Real world solutions, revolutionizing industry

At OCI, we’re creating game-changing products and solutions for our customers, from market leading products to sustainable practices, we’re shaping the future of agriculture and transport to feed and fuel our world.

Our products

Our products

Our nitrogen fertilizers and crop nutrition products provide an efficient source of nitrogen, the key nutrient for crop growth and development, so our customers can achieve optimal yields, reduce soil nutrient loss, improve soil quality, and reduce the need for new farmland.

Our fertilizer portfolio includes urea, urea ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, and ammonium sulphate. Our lower-carbon products, such as our blue, green and biogas-based nitrogen fertilizers, mean our products have lower greenhouse gas emissions versus conventional products.

Our practices

Our practices

We’re driving the adoption of more sustainable agriculture practices to create a more resilient and environmentally positive farming system. Our approaches are designed to strengthen crop
productivity alongside nutrient management and efficiency.

Through farmer education programmes and partnership, we’re making harvests better. We’re reducing the need for more intensive farming or land use and supporting the agriculture industry to reduce carbon emissions and protect natural ecosystems and resources, soil health and biodiversity.

Our capabilities

global Nitrogen Producer
tons gross ammonia capacity
tons nitrogen fertilizer capacity
DEF distributor in USA

An unrivalled global footprint

Strategically positioned with unrivaled global capabilities and assets, we have the infrastructure and network to deliver high-quality nitrogen solutions reliably, at speed and scale.

OCI’s fertilizer production capacity spans four continents and comprises approximately 16.8 million metric tons per year

Sustainable agriculture projects

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