A calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) fertilizer suitable for use across all agricultural crops.

The high-quality granules are hard, homogeneous, round, smooth and dust-free. This makes Nutramon CAN easy to spread, including over larger spreading widths (>50 meters). What’s more, this versatile nitrogen fertilizer has the lowest CO2 footprint on the market.

Nutramon close up

Advanced Nitrogen efficiency

Nutramon is a highly nitrogen efficient fertilizer with a proven and predictable high yield. It is made up of 50% nitrate nitrogen and 50% ammonium nitrogen. This ratio results in the fast uptake of nitrates and long-lasting action in the crop, as well as minimal loss of nitrogen in the soil and air.

In addition to nitrogen, Nutramon contains magnesium oxide and calcium oxide to provide essential benefits to the crops’ growth and quality.

Benefits of Nutramon CAN

  • Ratio of ammonium to nitrate (50/50) ensures high nitrogen efficiency
  • Fast uptake of the nitrate by the crop
  • Minimal loss of ammonia
  • Uniform, hard and round granules
  • Recognizable by the orange granules
  • Even spread over large widths (>50 meters)
  • Predictable effect to ensure good fertilization results

"Nutramon is really a plus for every crop"

Gert-Jan van Dongen, arable farmer from Zeewolde

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