9 January 2024

OCI Global and FORESA take the first step towards decarbonizing wood panel, furniture, flooring and other essential products with bio-melamine

OCI Global (Euronext: OCI), the world’s leading melamine producer, is supplying Foresa, a leading manufacturer of formaldehyde, adhesives, additives and innovative chemical solutions, with BIO MelaminebyOCI™. Foresa will use the bio-melamine for the production of a wide range of melamine based resins to be used in essential and everyday products including boards, decorative surfaces, isolation products and components for furniture and laminate flooring.

OCI Global has delivered the first shipments of bio-melamine to Foresa in a pioneering step that will help reduce the carbon footprint of the essential and everyday products that rely on melamine based resins. This is the latest step in the long standing partnership between OCI Global and Foresa, and demonstrates the viability of lower carbon melamine in industrial processes, supporting downstream decarbonization to other industries and ultimately end consumers.

OCI Global is the only producer of ISCC PLUS certified bio-melamine in Europe today. OCI’s bio-melamine is produced using biomethane from waste and residues of biological origin, via the mass balance process. The result is a GHG reduction of  up to >40% compared to conventional grey melamine production, which uses a fossil-based feedstock1.

Aviv Bar Tal, Vice President Commercial Nitrogen, OCI Global, commented:

“OCI is already leading the industry in scaling up the supply of renewable and lower carbon ammonia and methanol via our global facilities. The addition of bio-melamine to our portfolio shows our pivotal role in developing lower carbon solutions. Through partnerships with industry leaders like Foresa, we’re able to continue to make first-moves and prove the case for lower carbon products in existing value chains, and we’re excited about the opportunity we have ahead of us to work with other industrial customers to do this.”

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