28 March 2022

Summary of voting results at the OCI N.V. Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

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OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) held an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders virtually today, 28 March 2022.

A total of 172,693,565 shares were present or represented at this meeting. These shares represent approximately 82.3% of the votes that can be cast at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

The single voting item was approved, with the voting result being:


Agenda Item




1. Opening and announcements




2.A. Proposals to amend the Articles of Association twice in connection with the H2 2021 distribution




3. Close of the Extraordinary General Meeting





Further information on the H2 2021 Distribution

Distribution of EUR 1.45 per share approved by the EGM

Pursuant to the proposal adopted under agenda item 2.A, OCI will make a distribution to shareholders in the amount EUR 1.45 per share as a repayment of capital or, at the election of the shareholder, as a regular dividend.

Creditor opposition period

Pursuant to Dutch law, the reduction of capital is subject to a formal procedure. This procedure entails customary filings with the Dutch Trade Register and observation of a two-month creditor opposition period as described in Section 2:100 of the Dutch Civil Code. Under the provisions of Section 2:100 of the Dutch Civil Code, creditors may lodge objections to the capital reduction within a period of two months following the announcement of the filing of the resolution to reduce the share capital with the Dutch Trade Register.

The amendments to the Articles of Association as resolved upon under agenda item 2.A. effecting the capital reduction may only be implemented after such two-month creditor opposition period has lapsed, provided that no creditor objections have been received by the Amsterdam District Court or, in the event objections have been received, after such opposition has been withdrawn, resolved or lifted by an enforceable court order by the relevant court in the Netherlands. The amendments of the Articles of Association, as well as the H2 2021 distribution will only take place thereafter. OCI will announce further details on the timing of the H2 2021 distribution by separate press release.

Election mechanism

Shareholders who do not wish to receive the distribution as a capital repayment can elect to receive a dividend instead. A choice for one option implies an opt-out of the other option. Elections to receive a dividend instead of a capital repayment can only be made after the record date for the distribution. 



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