26 June 2014

Summary of Voting Results at the OCI N.V. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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OCI N.V. (NYSE Euronext: OCI) held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today, Thursday 26 June 2014, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

A total of 185,036,375 shares were present at this meeting. These shares represent approximately 89.84% of the total issued share capital and the total number of voting rights.

All items were approved, with the voting results being:

Agenda Item For Against Abstain
1. Opening and announcements.
2. Report by the Board of Directors for the 2013 financial year, including the Corporate Governance section.
3. Implementation of the Remuneration Policy in 2013.
4. Proposal to adopt the Annual Accounts and appropriation of the profits to the reserves for the 2013 financial year. 184,917,911 0 118,464
5. Explanation of the Dividend Policy.
6. Proposal to discharge the Executive Directors from liability. 184,837,526 77,549 121,300
7. Proposal to discharge the Non-Executive Directors from liability. 184,837,525 77,100 121,750
8. Proposal to appoint Mr. R.J. van de Kraats as Non-Executive Director. 184,834,263 69,798 132,314
9. Proposal to appoint Mr. J. Guiraud as Non-Executive Director. 184,791,892 112,168 132,315
10. Proposal to approve the new Remuneration Policy, the 2014 Performance Share Plan, the 2014 Bonus/ Matching Plan, and the 2013 Employees Incentive Plan. 184,527,862 337,670 170,842
11. Proposal to appoint KPMG as auditor charged with the auditing of the Annual Accounts for the 2014 financial year. 184,901,325 17,277 117,773
12. Proposal to extend the designation of the Board of Directors as the authorised body to issue shares in the share capital of the Company. 182,874,353 2,043,549 118,473
13. Proposal to extend the designation of the Board of Directors as the authorised body to restrict or exclude pre-emptive rights upon the issuance of shares. 182,717,147 2,200,756 118,472
14. Proposal to authorise the Board of Directors to repurchase shares in the share capital of the Company. 184,904,605 11,859 119,911
15.  Questions and close of meeting.

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