27 December 2017

OCI N.V. to Acquire 8.4% of Publicly Held Common Units of OCIP

OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) today announced that it has agreed to acquire 7.3 million common units of OCI Partners LP (NYSE: OCIP) (“OCI Partners”) at a total cost of $61 million, implying $8.40 per common unit. The units are being purchased from certain minority unitholders in privately negotiated transactions and represent 8.4% of total issued and outstanding common units of OCI Partners. OCI N.V. expects to complete the acquisition of the units on 27 December, 2017. Following the transaction, OCI’s ownership in OCI Partners would stand at 88.25%.

OCI to Acquire 8.4% of Publicly Held OCIP Units.pdf

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