14 April 2017

OCI N.V. Terminates Negotiations To Acquire All Publicly Held Common Units Of OCI Partners LP

OCI N.V. Terminates Negotiations to Acquire All Publicly Held Common Units of OCI Partners LP

OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) today announced that it has terminated negotiations with the conflicts committee of the board of directors of OCI Partners LP (NYSE: OCIP) regarding OCI’s previously announced offer to acquire all publicly held common units of OCIP in exchange for OCI shares.

The conflicts committee declined to accept OCI’s proposal of an exchange ratio of 0.5200 OCI N.V. shares for each publicly held common unit of OCIP, which represented an 8.3% premium over the closing price of OCIP common units and a 25.6% premium over the 30-trading day average OCIP/OCI exchange ratio as of 5 December 2016, the date prior to which the proposal was made.

OCI believes that since there is potential for a significant increase in OCI’s share price in the future over current levels, increasing the exchange ratio is not in the interest of its shareholders and, therefore, no acceptable definitive agreement can be reached with the conflicts committee at this time regarding the proposed transaction.

OCI currently owns 79.88% of issued and outstanding common units of OCIP.

OCI N.V. Terminates Negotiations to Acquire OCIP Final.pdf


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