26 April 2024

OCI Global adds AdBlue® to its European production portfolio

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OCI Global adds AdBlue® to its European production portfolio

  • OCI has capacity to produce up to 300,000 tonnes a year of AdBlue® in Europe, with potential to expand
  • New supply serves growing European market driven by EURO 6 emissions standards
  • Production at European facility has been commissioned, with product already on-market

OCI Global (Euronext: OCI), a world-leading producer of nitrogen, methanol, and hydrogen products has commenced production of AdBlue® – a solution used in diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides – at the Chemelot industrial complex in Geleen, Netherlands. OCI’s facility has the capacity to produce up to 300,000 tonnes a year of AdBlue® today, with capability to expand production in line with market demand.

AdBlue® is a mixture of urea and demineralized water that is injected into vehicle exhaust systems, where it reacts with harmful emissions and converts these into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. The benefits of using AdBlue® include compliance with emissions regulations, improved air quality and potentially higher fuel efficiency.

OCI’s AdBlue® production will serve the growing North-Western European automotive market, where the reduction of harmful emissions is an increasing regulatory focus and key driver of demand. The introduction of the ‘Euro 6 Standard’, which limits emissions to 80mg/km of NOX gases for diesel vehicles is expected to boost the AdBlue® market by 8% by 2028.

OCI is a significant producer of urea – the key ingredient in AdBlue® – at its facilities in Geleen, Netherlands. To date, OCI’s urea has primarily been used to produce fertilizer. With the introduction of AdBlue® to its already extensive product portfolio, OCI is expanding its end use markets to include the automotive industry.

OCI Nitrogen Europe is a leading integrated European producer of premium nitrogen products, including CAN, CAN+S and low carbon CAN with capacity to produce up to 2.6 million metric tons per year. Serving the high-demand agricultural, industrial products and transportation sectors, it is the second largest European CAN/UAN producer and the largest melamine producer globally (excluding China). OCI’s unique inland location in Europe’s agricultural heartland at the crossroads between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium means OCI can supply its products, including AdBlue®, to its customers close to their point of consumption. 

OCI is also the largest producer of green methanol globally and a leading producer of lower carbon ammonia, with a 1.1. million tonne per year blue ammonia facility set to begin production in Beaumont, Texas in 2025. The addition of AdBlue® to its European production portfolio is a further example of OCI’s commitment to sustainable growth and value creation.

Find out more about AdBlue® supplied by OCI Global here.

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