18 April 2023

OCI confirms timetable for payment of a €3.50 per share cash distribution with respect to the period H2 2022

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OCI Global (Euronext: OCI), a global producer and distributor of hydrogen products providing fertilizers, fuels, and feedstock to agricultural, transportation, and industrial customers around the world, today confirmed a record date of 21 April 2023 for its semi-annual interim cash distribution for the H2 2022 period, following the expiry of a statutory two-month creditor opposition period without any objections. Shareholders of OCI Global as of close of trading on 21 April 2023 will receive a cash payment of €3.50 per share on 26 April 2023.

Combined with a €3.55 per share cash distribution in October 2022, the total cash return to shareholders with respect to FY 2022 will amount to €7.05 per share, or approximately $1.56 billion.

Timetable for the distribution

Ex-dividend date 20 April 2023
Record date 21 April 2023
Payment date 26 April 2023

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