31 May 2022

OCI announces timetable for payment of a €1.45 per share cash distribution with respect to the period H2 2021

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OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) today confirmed a record date of 7 June 2022 for its semi-annual interim cash distribution for the H2 2021 period, following the expiry of a statutory two-month creditor opposition period without any objections. Shareholders of OCI N.V. as of close of trading on 7 June 2022 will receive a cash payment of €1.45 per share on 22 June 2022 following an election period as outlined below.

Going forward, distributions will be made twice per year. As communicated in the Q1 2022 earnings release on 12 May 2022, based on the current outlook for OCI, the cash distribution with respect to H1 2022 is expected to be significantly higher than the €1.45 / share to be paid with respect to the period H2 2021.

Election mechanism

Shareholders who do not wish to receive the cash distribution in the form of a capital repayment can elect to receive a regular dividend in the same amount instead. Shareholders that do not make any election, will automatically receive the distribution as a capital repayment. A choice for one option implies an opt-out of the other option.

Elections must be made during the election period starting on 8 June 2022 and ending on 20 June 2022, and payment will be 22 June 2022.


Timetable for the distribution




6 June 2022

Record date

7 June 2022

Start election period

8 June 2022

Last day election period

20 June 2022

Payment date

22 June 2022


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