10 October 2023

Finding the space to adapt and grow

To celebrate the opening of N-7’s new office and a fresh chapter for the team, Michael, senior logistics coordinator at N-7 talked to us about having an impact across local economies and why it’s so important to have a supportive team helping you grow.

Michael, can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at N-7?
The chance to grow alongside a supportive team

I’m a senior logistics coordinator at N-7, which is jointly owned by OCI Global and Dakota Gasification Company. N-7 markets and distributes nitrogen-based products including ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers across North America. I manage all the dry bulk and anhydrous ammonia fertilizer shipments in the Middle West and Gulf Coast, so basically all the way from North Dakota through Minnesota down to our plants in Iowa and Texas. What that means in practice is that I’m responsible for making sure we have the trucks available and in the right place so that our loads are getting delivered on time. It’s important not only because it helps us run the business more efficiently, but because it builds that trust in the people that we’re working with so they know they can rely on us.

What have you liked about your first year and a half at N-7?

It’s meaningful work and aligns with my skills and interests. I’ve always enjoyed speaking to different people, from when I used to bus tables as a teenager, and I grew up on a farm, so my current role brings those parts of my personality neatly together. N-7 supports a lot of local economies throughout the whole Midwest and South of the US. There are farms all over the country which are often the backbone of local communities, and they rely on us to make deliveries of our fertilizers.

What’s the culture like at N-7?

The first thing, there is no such thing as a dumb question or idea here. Everyone’s open to hearing new ideas and listening to what you have to say. There’s a lot of openness, and we’re always looking at ways to adapt and grow. As a team, I’d describe us as determined and collaborative. We have a lot of different products and projects happening but what’s core to staying strategic and motivated amongst that is that we all get on, from the top to the bottom, there are really strong relationships.

What does the new office represent for you?

It’s about the whole team coming together in one space and being able to tangibly appreciate all the growth we’ve achieved and all the hard work that’s gone in to making that happen.

Why should people join N-7?

Working here gives you the chance to grow and challenge yourself as part of a team that gives you the space and support you need. At the same time, there’s an exciting opportunity to be part of OCI’s decarbonization strategy. We’re really pioneering the low carbon and renewable market not only in the US but globally with our blue ammonia plant in Texas and our recent announcement with New Fortress Energy which will also allow us to produce green ammonia in Texas from next year. We’re ahead of the curve and that means we’re not only having a positive impact on global decarbonization efforts but putting our business in a strong position to capture the growing demand for low carbon and renewable ammonia.

What do you hope the next five years look like?

The next five years for N-7 are all about growth, and I want to help the company grow as much and as quickly we can. Now that we have the new office, it feels like the start of an exciting new chapter for us.

Finally, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Have an open mind and be ready to take risks. Even though if you think you have it all figured out, you never know when an opportunity will present itself and that doors it will open. Usually taking chances will pay off, but even when it doesn’t it’s important to take risks and learn from the experience.

To find out more about how you could have an impact in a career at N-7 visit our website here.

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