6 February 2023

Fuelling the Future of Motorsports with WRC

Fuelling the Future of Motorsports with WRC

Our rapidly growing, moving world is on the cusp of an energy revolution with hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

In partnership with World Rally Championship (WRC), we have proven that this future starts now.

As a frontrunner in driving fossil decarbonization in the motorsports industry, WRC adopted carbon-neutral fuels for all their top league rally cars in 2022. The WRC offers an ecosystem that enables the testing of new, sustainable technologies through a practical application. Partnering with OCI HyFuels and P1 FUELS to produce a first-of-its-kind blend of green and synthetic fuel for an FIA World Rally Championship series, the WRC has shown the world that we can navigate towards net zero emissions through green methanol.

Produced by converting industrial and agricultural waste products into bio-fuel, green methanol is an extremely effective hydrogen carrier. It not only replaces the consumption of natural gas but it also provides an outlet for methane emitted from waste sources. Methane represents 16% of global GHG emissions and traps ~36 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 over 100 years.

Green methanol is an excellent substitute for fossil fuels, both as a direct fuel and in a blended alcohol fuel, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% versus fossil fuels, and has the added environmental benefits of low NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions, low particular matter emissions, and is relatively harmless if spilled, while gasoline is not. All of these benefits are crucial in the transportation industry, particularly when a vehicle is used in or near villages, cities, or in nature.

And rest assured all motorsport fans, as we have proven through the impressive race times in the 2022 WRC season, our HyFuels produce the same vehicle performance as carbon-based fuel, but with a significant reduction in net CO2 emissions.

We look forward to working with WRC in 2023 and the years to come to continue to showcase and accelerate new ways to decarbonize motorsport: a sport that tests people and machines in the most extreme conditions.

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