Our product portfolio

Our methanol portfolio includes methanol, green methanol, low-carbon methanol, ethanol, alcohol blends, green MTBE, and other bio-fuels.

Methanol (CH3OH)

A versatile chemical building block used in hundreds of applications including as a fuel, as energy storage, and in industrial processes to make everyday products such as textiles and electronics

Renewable and Low-Carbon Methanol

OCI HyFuels produces and distributes low-carbon and renewable methanol

Green MTBE

A fuel additive used as oxygenate blending into gasoline to contribute octane and reduce amount of harmful emissions from motor vehicles

Other Products

Renewable natural gas (RNG), alcohol blends, and other bio-fuels are also available


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Cleaner feedstocks

With a diversity of industrial applications – from paints and plastics, furniture and carpeting, textiles, cosmetics, car parts and windshield wash fluid – methanol is one of the world’s most widely used industrial chemicals.

As we decarbonize, we can also reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and those of their end-products.

Cleaner fuels

We’re pioneering new green methanol products and technologies that allow marine and road vehicles to transition away from fossil fuels, and reduce air pollution and road emissions.

Our OCI HyFuels brand provides customers with renewable and low-carbon fuel alternatives to meet evolving regulatory requirements.

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Energy storage

With an 84% higher energy density than hydrogen, low-carbon and green methanol can be used as an effective fuel for power generation in fuel cells or turbines in off-grid locations, emergency power generation or special events and outdoors.

Safety, Products & Data Sheets

Our global product stewardship program ensures materials are safely manufactured, handled, stored and distributed.

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How is green methanol produced and distributed?

To make renewable or green methanol, OCI produces hydrogen in an electrolyzer powered by renewable energy and combines it with CO2 captured from waste incineration.

OCI also produces low-carbon or recycled methanol by gasifying biomass or municipal solid waste or through steam methane reforming using biogas from waste digestion.

Using renewable or low-carbon methanol in the countless end markets OCI serves can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, realizing a cleaner future sooner.

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