Our People

Our people are fundamental to our success. We strive to create a safe and encouraging workplace where there is mutual trust and respect. We promote our CARE values in every aspect of our business by investing in our people to accelerate their development and invest in their passion to excel.

We are committed to an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce, where every person is recognized, valued, and thrives.

As a global employer present in ten countries, we value the breadth and depth of talent available to us across our locations and are proud to have cultivated a strong community-focused identity as a local employer.

This approach has allowed us to develop a diverse global workforce encompassing 56 nationalities, with multiple ethnicities, religious beliefs, cultures, ages, orientations, and other traits working together respectfully and with a shared sense of purpose. Together, we are powering a cleaner future sooner.

Our group-wide D&I program is focused on improving our gender diversity in both technical and non-technical roles and at all levels of our organization, with a target to have 25% female leadership by 2025. We have set internal benchmarks and targets to improve our recruitment processes, conduct de-biasing training, provide sponsorship and mentorship opportunities, and develop employee networks that help them succeed.

We strive to encourage open dialogue across all levels of the organization, including with senior management. The OneOCI platform provides employees with regular updates on a variety of corporate, operational, and industry matters, enhances communication across the group, creates opportunities for employees to connect across countries and functions, and provides an additional means to reach senior management. We also conduct surveys at the group and local levels to gather feedback on various topics.

Our shared values are Collaboration, Agility, Resourcefulness, and Excellence. These values guide each employee, cultivate our company culture, and allow us to collectively work towards our purpose of a cleaner future sooner.

We are mindful of the importance of ensuring that all employees are well rewarded and recognized for their contribution to the business and have crafted our local compensation frameworks to ensure that we pay well.

We believe that when an employee can afford their family’s needs including discretionary income, they are more motivated to succeed. We consistently rank between median and upper quartile of employers by annual compensation in each of our communities.

In addition to the ability to earn top quartile compensation, we offer all employees, including part-time employees, a range of benefits, including but not limited to health insurance, retirement plans, parental leave, and other non-financial benefits in line with local employment laws.

Health and safety is a core focus in every aspect of our operations. Our goal is to achieve leadership in safety and occupational health standards across our operations by fostering a culture of zero injuries at all our production facilities, and continuously improving health and safety monitoring, prevention and reporting across our plants. We have integrated this goal into our corporate values, and into the programs and policies of each of our production facilities.

Our approach focuses on the following health, safety and environment (HSE) priorities:

  • Commitment to zero injuries
  • Focus on operational excellence
  • Continuous improvement of our processes
  • Health and wellness of all employees

Our HSE and wellness framework, policies, standards, and processes are described in our annual report.

We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights and safe working conditions.

We conduct all business activities responsibly, efficiently, transparently, and with integrity and respect towards all stakeholders. 

Our Human Rights policy, Code of Conduct, and Business Partner Code of Conduct can be downloaded below.

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At OCI, we know our biggest strength is our unparalleled global team, bursting with talent, tenacity, and passion to drive change and create a more secure and sustainable future for us all.

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