Powering a cleaner future sooner

We’re a game-changing global leader in nitrogen, methanol and hydrogen, driving forward the decarbonization of the energy-intensive industries that shape, feed and fuel the world. Through our cleaner products and practical solutions we’re making our transport cleaner, products greener and our harvests better.

We are OCI Global

In our rapidly growing world, food and energy supplies are under intense threat. But we no longer need to damage our planet to feed and power it. We’re on the cusp of an energy revolution, and OCI is leading the way by investing in, developing and implementing practical, real-world solutions that drive change and unlock a more secure and sustainable future for us all.

What we promise

When we change the game we change it for good, that is the OCI way.

Our team

We create an empowering, rewarding and people first culture.

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Our customers

We focus on partnerships, not just products, and relationships, not just solutions.

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Our world

We’re driving decarbonization through cleaner products and more sustainable solutions.

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We are OCI Global

Our Targets

We are committed to our purpose of powering a cleaner future sooner and believe our products are essential to achieving cleaner transportation, lower carbon industrial processes, and global food security. We have aligned our strategic priorities to create sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders and have set ourselves ambitious targets to achieve a greener future for our world.

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25% female senior leaders
Compliant with CSRD requirements
100% of purchased electricity is from renewable sources
20% reduction in GHG intensity

Key investment highlights

Global producer and distributor of nitrogen, methanol, and hydrogen products

Versatile products with many applications play a key role in supporting food security, clean feedstocks, and powering a cleaner future

Unique global footprint provides structural advantage supported by strong distribution and trading platform

Value accretive growth opportunities, robust capital structure, strong free cash flow conversion, and derisked balance sheet positioning OCI for growth

An unrivaled global footprint

Strategically positioned with unrivalled global capabilities and assets, we have the infrastructure and network to deliver high-quality products reliably, at speed and scale. All delivered by a diverse and dynamic team, experts in supporting the energy-intensive industries that feed, fuel and shape our world.

3m tons methanol capacity
7m tons gross ammonia capacity
12m tons nitrogen fertilizer capacity
1.5m tons DEF capacity
Largest seaborne nitrogen export platform globally


Through OCI Nitrogen, we produce and distribute ammonia, fertilizers and nitrogen-based solutions.


Through OCI Methanol, we produce and distribute methanol solutions.


Our global corporate and business functions play a key role in developing our strategy and supporting our operations.

Together, we’re realizing a cleaner future sooner.
Corporate Governance

OCI is committed to the principles of good corporate governance

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