Sustainable Innovation and Technology

Accelerating the development and deployment of technologies to decarbonize our economy is at the core of tackling climate change effectively at the speed required. Many of the technologies we need are market-ready today but the challenge is achieving the necessary scale quickly.

This is where OCI comes in

Our track record of rapidly building up and consolidating capacities across industries, from construction to cement and chemicals, in the last 6 decades demonstrates our ability to drive global decarbonization and energy transition at speed.

We bring our strengths to bridge the gap between climate innovations and technologies and market, at scale, at speed.

Project development and execution

From idea to engineering, procurement and construction, financing, and project execution, we bring projects to life at speed.

Operational excellence

Once the project is built, our operational capabilities will ensure the plants run reliably and efficiently and products are delivered to customers consistently.

Commercial optimization

As a global producer and trader of hydrogen-based products, we focus on ensuring that sustainable products reach the end customers while maximizing value.

Our approach to scaling climate technologies and innovation includes

Partnering with innovative technology licensors and project developers

Scaling up commercially and technically viable climate technologies quickly

Selectively investing in downstream innovation to accelerate demand

Our low-carbon projects

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