Product Stewardship

We aim to develop and promote products and services to minimize the impacts and dependencies on the environment and maximize the impacts on society.

Providing low carbon and renewable products through our decarbonization initiatives to help decarbonise downstream

Our approach to product stewardship has 3 pillars, underpinned by our commitment to product safety:

Providing low carbon and renewable products through our decarbonization initiatives to help decarbonize downstream

  • Food: Low carbon and renewable nitrogen fertilizers using blue, green, circular and bio based hydrogen as feedstocks
  • Feedstocks: Low carbon industrial chemicals allowing customers to decarbonize a wide range of products in the chemical value chain
  • Fuels: Low carbon green fuels such as methanol and ammonia which help our downstream value chain minimize emissions

Innovating in enhancing nutrient use efficiency products and services

  • Supporting farmer education programs (e.g.: 4Rs)
  • Driving the adoptions of more sustainable practices and products (OCI’s Nutramon)
  • Developing fertilizers with urease and/or nitrification inhibitors, which are among the most credible pathways to reduce N20 emission during field applications, which contributes to over 50% of GHG emissions in the nitrogen fertilizer value chain
  • Evaluating the introduction of sulfur to our products for better nutrient use efficiency

Going beyond GHG emissions to reduce other environmental impacts

  • Reducing air pollutions from transports and shipping:
    • Marine shipping: Blue and green ammonia and methanol as the fuel of the future that has much lower NOX, SOX and PM pollutants compared to conventional fuels
    • Green methanol for various transportation modes
    • DEF to abate NOx emissions from diesel
  • Enhanced fertilizers have positive impacts on water, soil, air pollutions and biodiversity
  • Recycling finished products at end-of-life in a waste-to-syngas process to be used as a perpetual feedstock in OCI’s plants and contributes to the circular

Product safety and handling

We ensure that our products and their raw materials, additives and intermediate products are processed and manufactured, handled, stored, distributed, and used in a way that safeguards health, occupational and public safety, the environment, and security. Please click through for our Safety Data Sheets.

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