Listing and share information

OCI N.V. is listed on Euronext in Amsterdam and began trading on 25 January, 2013. OCI N.V. is a constituent of the AMX-Index, the index for mid-sized companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Primary listing

Incorporation The Netherlands
ISIN Code NL0010558797
Common Code 087808963
Full Listing Euronext Amsterdam
Currency Euros
Ticker OCI
Total shares outstanding 211,357,989 shares
Voting Rights One vote per share
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Dividend / capital allocation policy

OCI has a dividend / capital allocation policy, which combines a consistent base return of capital of $400 million per year with an additional variable component linked to FCF generated. Distributions will be made twice per year.

Going forward, the policy is subject to maintaining an investment grade credit profile with a target of net leverage below 2x through the cycle, and balance availability of funds and excess FCF for profit distribution to shareholders while pursuing value accretive sustainability and other growth opportunities.

In Q1 2024, OCI has suspended its semi-annual cash distribution in light of strategic activity during the end of 2023 and given extraordinary distributions of capital to shareholders expected to be made in FY 2024 from transaction proceeds.


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