Sustainable growth and value creation

We’re a game-changing global leader in nitrogen and hydrogen, driving the decarbonization of food, fuel and feedstock through cleaner products and practical, real-world solutions.

OCI Global Annual Report 2023

OCI Global Annual Report 2023

Read about our progress towards a cleaner future in our latest Annual Report.

Remuneration Report 2023

2023 Remuneration Report

Read our 2023 Remuneration Report, and submit your thoughts via the feedback form.


Key investment highlights

For over 70 years we’ve been building, growing and powering successful change. Today, as a game-changing global leader in nitrogen and hydrogen, we’re seizing the greatest and most exciting opportunities for progress, right around the world, at speed and scale.

We’re revolutionizing the energy-intensive industries that shape, feed and fuel the world, improving the way we work and live by making our transport cleaner, products greener and our crops richer, delivering the exceptional value needed to accelerate change and realize a cleaner future sooner.

Global producer & distributor

Leading global producer and distributor of hydrogen-based products providing low carbon fertilizers, fuels, and feedstock, strategically positioned to capitalize on the energy transition.

Versatile products

Our core products - ammonia and methanol - are versatile, have a diverse set of end applications, and are the preferred hydrogen carriers (~52% of today’s hydrogen consumption).

Diversified footprint

Unique globally diversified footprint provides a structural advantage, supplemented by strong in-house capabilities and trading platform.

Robust capital structure

Capital allocation policy supported by de-risked balance sheet allows us to balance capital returns to shareholders with investing in value-accretive growth opportunities.

Sustainability-focused growth opportunities

We are first movers in developing sustainability-focused growth opportunities to support the global energy transition, with a strong pipeline of renewable and low carbon projects in development.

No. 3
Global nitrogen fertilizer producer
No. 5
Global methanol producer
No. 1
Global hydrogen fuels producer

Corporate governance

We believe that a good corporate governance structure supports our business, meets the needs of our stakeholders, and aligns the interests of management and shareholders thereby maximizing the profitability and long-term value of the company for shareholders.

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Advancing a more sustainable future for a world on the move

Discover our approach to decarbonization of energy-intensive industries

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