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Embark on a journey of agricultural excellence with N-7 in Sioux City, Iowa, a joint venture formed by OCI Global and Dakota Gasification Company (DGC). Sustainable leaders in the Nitrogen industry, we are dedicated to marketing and distributing a diverse range of agricultural products, including ammonia, urea, UAN, AS, and DEF across North America. Our joint venture aims to revolutionize the agricultural and industrial landscape, offering an expanded product portfolio and comprehensive geographic reach.

Sioux City is the strategic home for N-7, where the fertile fields of the Midwest meet the cutting edge of agricultural solutions. Where we leverage the collective expertise and resources of OCI’s North American nitrogen fertilizer, ammonia and DEF operations, and DGC’s Beulah facility in North Dakota.

At OCI N-7 Sioux City, we believe in the power of agriculture to feed nations and fuel progress. Our facility is not just a distribution center; it’s a cornerstone of agricultural excellence.

Empowering, Rewarding and People First Culture

Empowering, Rewarding and People First Culture

At N-7 we foster a culture that values empowerment, collaboration, and continuous growth. Joining our team means becoming part of a workplace where your dedication to agricultural innovation is celebrated, and your contributions make a lasting impact on communities across North America.

Explore our current job openings and be part of a team that is shaping the future of agricultural distribution in the heartland of North America. Join us in empowering agriculture and connecting communities for a sustainable
and prosperous future.

OCI Global has announced the sale of its 50% stake in Fertiglobe to ADNOC fully exiting and monetizing its entire equity stake.

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