Process Engineer

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Location Wever Iowa
Sector Process Engineering
Hours 40 hrs/week
Working model Office based


Iowa Fertilizer Company LLC’s Wever, Iowa, office seeks a Process Engineer to be responsible for evaluating processes and configuring process production systems to reduce cost, improve sustainability, and develop best practices within the production process. Duties include: (i.) evaluating and improving processes in production systems; (ii.) maintaining reliable and safe process systems; (iii.) maintaining and advances knowledge in process systems and the fertilizer industry standards; (iv.) assuming responsibility of ongoing performance of process plant; and (v.) participating in the development and tracking of performance of process plant.    

Must have a bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent degree) in Chemical Engineering or a directly related field plus three years of experience in a related position in a chemical industry or refining environment.

Must also have any experience with or knowledge of: (i.) fertilizer manufacturing, hydrocarbon processing, or reforming or synthesis gas production; (ii.) reading and producing technical reports and diagrams of the manufacturing process; (iii.) reading and interpreting P&IDs; (iv.) industry safety standards and regulations compliance; and (v.) optimizing manufacturing processes.  

Experience can be concurrent.

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About OCI

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, OCI N.V. is a leading global producer and distributor of ammonia, fertilizers and methanol products providing fertilizers, lower carbon fuels, and chemical feedstocks to agricultural, transportation, and industrial customers around the world.

We are the largest hydrogen producer and consumer in the Netherlands. We are proud of our long history of reducing our emissions and throughout the whole world sustainable projects are being developed.

OCI operates facilities in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the US and distributes its products worldwide.

Our nitrogen fertilizers are essential for global food security, our fuel solutions help decarbonize road transport and the maritime sector and our chemical products end up in thousands of everyday products. We have approximately 4,100 employees. The company is publicly traded on the Euronext in Amsterdam.